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Peter and Carolyn Wason are the founders of Ottawa Base Resurface Systems. 


Their business started in 1989 when they became the first Canadian Branch of an international franchise. They received their technical training in Denver Colorado.

At his first annual convention in 1990 Peter received "The Best Leather Repair Technician" award out of 83 North American Franchises.

In 1990 their business was awarded top 10 sales in North America and Peter was given the award of "The Most Innovative Ideas"

In 1996 Peter became a technician trainer and was regarded as the leather expert for this North American franchise group.

February 1st 1997 Peter and Carolyn decided to have their business Independent and Resurface Systems Technologies was born. As an independent business we now have the flexibility to use the most current technologies and advanced systems without bureaucratic constraints.

Throughout the years Resurface Systems has extended its staff and services. We can now repair leather, vinyl, plastics, fabric, plastic laminate and porcelain. We also have a fully equipped upholstery shop for total Re-upholstering if need be.

Peter and Carolyn both have a strong background in the hospitality industry and feel the success of their business comes from their training in customer service and their attention to detail.



Our company uses some of the latest technologies and systems to recreate various surfaces when replacement is not a good option. We are a mobile service and so our technicians can come to the customer, or the customer can arrange to visit us at our shop.



Most repairs are achieved by using a combination of chemical fills, bonding agents and color coatings coupled with various techniques to recreate appearance, feel and strength.

WHO WE DO IT FOR Our customers range from the private home owner, to retail groups, to insurance companies, and government agencies
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